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Ramadan 2013

Happy Ramadan 2013  

Ramadan 2013

Assalamu Aalaykum


Ramadan 2013 Timetable ›

There will be a short Tafsir, Hadith, Fiqa Speech  before taraweeh (for brothers & sisters) starting at 7:30 pm every night followed by Taraweeh at 7:45pm.



Fund Rasing Friday

Fund Rasing Friday

Please support your mosque by donating.

"The Charity that you give to seek the pleasure of Allah, shall be repaid to you many times over" Quran 30:39


Your contribution will enable IEWAD Inc, to purchase 11 acres of land behind the existing car park on the North side. This land will be used for extra car parking, proposed recreational area for the youth which may include footy/soccer oval, Volley ball, Basketball etc.

It is also envisaged there will be space for Barbeque, picnic area, beside a lake for people to socialize. The asking price for the 11 acres is approximately $600,000.

Once the sub-division is carried out for asking price for 11 acres, the existing Masjid land and the 11 acres will become one title. Your contribution will be highly appreciated and may Allah SWT reward you and make this a success.

JazakAllah Khair.


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