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Provision has been made for volley ball courts and hopefully indoor sports such as table tennis will be made in the not too distant future.  Youth are encouraged to approach IEWAD for any other events that can be held on the premises, provided there is segregation of the sexes.

Social Gathering / BBQ

Meetings/Social Gathering/BBQ


People are free to use the premises to hold meetings and other get togethers provided it does not clash with any other programs. Again prior approval is required before these can be held. BBQ facilities are available as well as finger food such as chips, samosas, dim sims etc.


Nikkah / Walima / Dua

Walima/Weddings/Dua for Deceased


Nikkah, Walima and Dua functions are held at the mosque provided it has been approved by the management committee. Catering can be done by outside businesses and every effort is made to ensure the function is a success. The people are segregated and with limited table seating (only for the ladies), food is eaten on the suffra for men and women. The Imam is available for Nikkah and is also a marriage celebrant.

Ramadhan Aftari

Even though people bring a plate everyday to the mosque (approx 50 people), we do allow individuals to cater for aftari if one chooses to do so. Again food has to be brought in and responsibility taken to clean the masjid before tareewah prayers. The management committee normally sponsors the aftari on the 27th night (lailtul Qadar) but people are free to bring a plate on that night as well.

Islamic Lectures

These are held at least once a month where prominent scholars both local and overseas are invited to give talks on certain topics. These lectures are normally organised by outside organisations or individuals and the Imam of IEWAD approves them before they are advertised to the public. These lectures are well attended and normally refreshments are provided with all proceeds going to the mosque. Some of these lectures are recorded and CD’s published for the general public at no cost.

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