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Masjid Project

The Hallam masjid still requires funds to complete the final stage of the Building Phase. These include Minarets, Porches, Landscaping, Rendering, Lifts, Stairs, Cooling system and

miscellaneous works that need to be done to complete the masjid. 

Most of the works have already been scoped and quoted and are being done on a needs basis depending on the funding that is currently available. If anyone wished to contribute to the above works, please see the Imam or any one of the committee members. 

IEWAD does have tax deductibility on donations and members are urged to use this option to contribute to the masjid works.


Land Purchase

IEWAD intends to purchase some additional land at the rear of the car park (approx 11 acres) and is currently soliciting funds to at least put a deposit on the land and to negotiate with the vendor on a long term settlement. A lot of people have pledged to give money for this land that is critical to IEWADS long term future. The immediate intention is to use the land for car park but the long term goal is to develop it as a park for recreation use.  This is the last piece of vacant land available near the mosque and we need to secure it for future generations. Please donate generously to this project as sadaqa jaraiyah and may Allah accept your good intentions and reward you in the hereafter. 

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