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IEWAD offers various services to the community at large. Being a service oriented non profit organisation, every effort is made by the management committee to assist in whichever way possible to accommodate the needs of its members as well as of the public at large. Below are some of the services that IEWAD provides to its members:


IEWAD Janaza service is run by volunteers who assist in liaising with local cemeteries to bury a Muslim who has passed away either at home or at the hospital. These volunteers are available 7 days a week to facilitate funeral arrangements for the family. They perform Ghusul, shroud the dead and arrange for the transportation of the body to the cemetery. Our local Imam is also available to perform the Janaza namaaz. These funeral arrangements are done in consultation with the family of the deceased and every effort is made to ensure the grieving family has nothing to worry about once the initial contact has been made for IEWAD to arrange the funeral. All relevant paperwork is done by the person who is arranging the funeral and all applicable costs of the funeral will be advised depending on which cemetery and what day the funeral is held.  The masjid is also available for dua of the deceased and must be arranged via the Imam.

Charity/Humanitarian Aid

IEWAD also tries to provide charity and humanitarian aid to the general public both locally and overseas. Natural disasters are common throughout the world and with its limited resources, every effort is made to collect funds or goods to assist those in need. We also liaise with govt agencies and local organisations to help with the relief efforts. In Ramadhan our Zakat and Fitrana account is used to collect funds and then distributed to various countries. Please see the Imam of the masjid  for any queries. IEWAD also assists other Muslim organisations that are seeking funds to build masjids by allowing them to collect monies on Juma day provided prior arrangements have been made with the committee.


IEWAD have people who can assist in solemnising marriages (both Islamic and legal)either at the masjid or offsite. Walima functions can be held at the masjid on a limited basis depending on hall availability. Please contact the Imam of the Masjid for more details.

Family Counselling

The Imam of the masjid is available to provide counselling services to Muslims during the day and by Appointment during the night. This confidential session is based on Islamic principles and guidelines and any advice given is optional and cannot be enforced by the Imam.  


Fund raising is done by volunteers by selling home cooked meals on Fridays at the masjid and all proceeds are donated to the mosque. These also include finger food, drinks and other items that may be sold to generate funds for the mosque.

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